stainless steel wire heating machinery

(Resistance type)stainless steel wire heating machinery introduction

The price of stainless steel wire raw materials has risen,making manufacturers increase the pressure on production costs.

Parameter list

Heating machine 

         mo del

 wire diameter
Product weight  Power
  small size      < 6mm57kg 3KW
  middle size      < 10mm82kg 8KW
  large size       < 12mm95kg 15KW
  The king size      < 16mm130kg 20KW

Heating machine temperature control and power:

(resistive) stepless adjustment, convenient for customers to achieve good heating effectaccording to their own conditions.The power consumption of the heating machine, because of the principle of (resistive), 12MM and 6MM heating machines are used for one day 8-hour calculation, taking the line diameter 3.4MM as an example, the power consumption is about 5KW.

Product advantages : Fine heating machine low power consumption, less failure,(resistance) stepless regulation, small spark, strong stability, good safety, and beautiful and practical.

Market advantage : Market advantage: Excellent stability of fine heating machine. Timely delivery, reasonable price, perfect after-sales service.

Quality assurance : Circuit board, transformer, thyristor and other importan electronic accessories are guaranteed for one year.

Note : The factory is a regular manufacturer, the purchase of the machine can be tested on the

            spot, the shipment is equipped with the use of instructions, after-sales protection, all the 

              fa ults can be eliminated and repeated as soon as possible,Guarantee customers worry

              free after sale. If domestic and foreign manufacturers order in large quantities, please 

              book in advance, the factory will ship to foreign manufacturers shipping freight and

              customs clearance fees Line detailed quote. Welcome customers at home and abroad                to come to negotiate and order, invite dealers and agents to cooperate and develop, 

              and work together to create a brilliant tomorrow.